We are in the final weeks counting down to our upcoming cross-country trip. The map is a rough guesstimate of our stops which we expect to take about 6 months. We are starting out in Lake Elsinore, CA, then heading to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns and San Antonio, TX. I hope you will follow along with us on our next adventure!

Welcome Mosey II

Our new 25’ RB International Serenity

More pics, more pics, more pics!!!

Writing a New Chapter

Gingerly Vintage is now Silver Lining Streaming to mark a new chapter in our Airstream travel adventures. This year I became President of the San Diego Airstream Club. We will be doing a lot more Airstream rallies (COVID willing) and hope you will join us!

Grand Canyon in January

Ever thought about visiting the Grand Canyon in January? Yes, there was snow and it was cold. It was also so beautiful, peaceful AND uncrowded. In fact, we practically had the RV park to ourselves. We stayed at the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park in Williams, AZ. It was so much fun!!! Of course we took the train to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. TIP – upgrading to first class tickets is well worth the extra expense.

The day starts out early with an entertaining cowboy show and then ALLLLL Aboard! We were on our way in a restored vintage railway car with a wonderful breakfast of fresh fruits, pastries and OJ. The passing scenery was beautiful and relaxing, but the big show is the Grand Canyon itself. The colors were so vibrant and changed as the sun moved across the sky during the course of the day. Around noon we warmed up with a steaming hot beef stew served in a bread bowl – delish!
After a day of hiking around the canyon, we folded into our comfy railway seats for a sleepy ride back to the RV park. Another TIP – while the Grand Canyon is the main attraction, don’t miss visiting Bearizona and the nearby Deer Farm.

So this is also the trip that sparked a BIG decision. After camping most every weekend after buying 19’ Mosey, I tripped over our darn dogs one too many times. That was it!!! We need a bigger trailer, stay tuned…

Yes, we did it again!

Introducing “Mosey” our new (to us anyway) Airstream International Serenity 19”


This coach is a cozy 19”, light, easy to tow and doesn’t take a lot of room to store.  We felt the 16” would be too small and didn’t want to go with a bigger more expensive unit.  The bathroom is a bit tight, but the shower is super comfortable and has a tall seat/shelf area.  We bought her pre-owned, the poor thing sat in a storage lot pretty much unused for years. After some new tires, new AGM battery, a good bath, and a few other touch ups, she looked brand new! The red and blue “International” badges were faded from the sun, so I purchased some paint and touched them up. One other issue (that I have seen on a lot of other Airstreams) is the belt line molding had bubbled up and was peeling. It looked terrible, but the good news is this is an easy fix! You can purchase new molding at Out of Doors Mart (  It is a simple peel and stick application once you remove the damaged molding. Be sure to clean the area well before applying the new molding for the best adhesion. Here is a link for a complete how-to: 

San Diego

Hello, our travels have come to an end in my hometown of San Diego.  We just moved into our new home and we are super excited to have our own private bathroom!! You cannot appreciate the convenience, cleanliness, and privacy until you have exclusively used public restrooms for 6 months – seriously! We took our Airstream back to the LA dealer for resale. Yes, it was a bit sad, but Joel and I have no plans to do any camping for quite some time and storage costs are very high. She is better off finding a new home with someone who will enjoy her instead of gathering dust and dings in some backlot storage facility.


Joel and I bought a fixer upper and spent a good four months rehabbing the entire house top to bottom. Once we finished the remodel project (are you ever really finished?) we missed having something to do, a hobby or project in our spare time.  Well, one thing led to another and the next thing you know, we are looking at Airstreams again! Now, by this time 3 years have gone by since our last big trip. We were not planning to full time, so something smaller will probably work well for us, stay tuned….


San Clemente, CA


We pulled into San Clemente State Park to a stunning sunset and were so excited to be seeing our sons Jeff and Matt again.  Matt and his fiancé were the first to come by and we had an early Christmas celebration because they were heading out of town.  We later met up with Jeff and Andrea and all had a nice dinner together.

This State Park is a great choice for the beach, but when it comes to amenities, it’s not so great.  No wifi, no cable, and the bathrooms are slightly above using the great outdoors because they are very basic, no heat (brrrr, very cold in the winter months) and bring plenty of change for the showers!  This is fine for weekend camping, but long term RV living, you really notice the difference between this State Park and private parks. You get a lot more for your money at the private parks in this price range ($65 per night with “holiday” per diem).

Las Vegas, NV

Only in Las Vegas will you find a”real” mermaid all dressed up for the holidays hanging out in a giant aquarium!  We were looking forward to some warmer weather after being chased from the East coast by freezing winter storms.  Not so!  Vegas was cold and we found ourselves spending very little time on the strip – or anywhere outside!  We stayed at the Oasis RV Resort which is a huge RV park just a few miles from the strip.   Even closer was the Silverton Casino which featured a blackjack game that Joel really liked and the aforementioned mermaids.  I spent a lot of time in the casino lounge watching the jellyfish in the pic above circling round and round while Joel was playing cards.


Another reason for visiting Vegas are my cousins, Steve and Shannon.  Shannon and I are the same age and share many fond childhood memories together. Steve – aka crazy cousin Steve – has a motorcycle shop and spends most of his spare time defying death.  In fact, he had yet another close call when a speeding teenager plowed into the side of his large box trailer, barely missing his driver-side door.  Luckily, he was okay and for once he was not the person trying to break the sound barrier while driving.  We had a great visit with them and our time there just flew by.




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