Morro Bay, CA

We are now officially on the road! Our first stop was Morro Bay, CA, a little coastal town above Santa Barbara. A great spot for seafood lovers with lots of dining options. We enjoyed fish and chips at Giovanni’s Fish Market which is located on the waterfront right in front of the big rock in the bay. One thing we noticed were lots of second hand, vintage and antique markets. In our old life this would have been heaven, but in our little Airstream – no room to buy anything….uuuggghhh it’s killing me!!!!

We stayed at Morro Bay State Park and found it to be ideally located less than 2 miles from the heart of town, but still in a wooded, quiet area close to the beach. In the morning we headed to Kitty’s Diner for breakfast – the most amazing homemade biscuits and crisp, perfectly cooked bacon – yum!

In the Beginning…


Before we purchased an Airstream, we bought a 1958 Westerner Deluxe travel trailer that had been professionally restored.  It was too cute!  We took it to flea markets where we sold vintage furnishings and also used it for camping.  The fact that it didn’t have a bathroom was a bit limiting, but we loved her anyway.


We kept the prior owner’s name for her – Flo.  It was impossible to be in a bad mood when you were hanging out in Flo.  Her turquoise, red, and yellow vintage cowboy interior were so cheerful it just brightened your day.  The 1958 Westerner’s were the first trailers to be themed.  At the time, John Wayne was a popular movie star and served as inspiration.  The restoration included new exterior siding, custom screen door, all new interior (with the exception or the original ice box and original hand painted cowboy light), new LED lighting, stove, sink and small water tank.  It was an excellent first excursion into owning a trailer, and a definite upgrade from tent camping.

Movin’ on Up

Living full time in Flo was not going to work.  First of all, she’s older than us!  While we haven’t had any issues in the year and a half that we owned her, we were cognizant that she wasn’t up to a long journey.  My first thought when contemplating a new trailer was Airstream.  I loved the vintage styling of our Westerner and could not see us in a modern, boxy trailer.  Oh, we looked at them – Joel’s idea – but the choice was clear from the beginning, it had to be an Airstream.

Now get out the checkbook because they are not cheap!  However, they are well built with a solid aluminum frame and body that is riveted together like an airplane.  They have residential-grade interior finishes and we could tell from the start that this is a trailer that could stand up to full-timing.


Getting Ready to Live Riveted

As expected, we have a few obstacles to cross before we can actually hit the road.  Selling the house is top of the list.  While we are currently in escrow, I am holding my breath that everything goes smoothly and we close next month as planned.  With all the bad news we’ve received this year, I just can’t help but steady myself for the next possible blow.  I am a positive person, but so many things have hit us this year that I can’t help but hold my breath a bit until we are actually going down the road on the start of our journey.  Hopefully, all can go smoothly for a while, because I am ready!


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