Cheyenne, WY


When I was a little girl I saw a Wyoming postcard of two men carrying a giant 5 foot long grasshopper.  This was before photoshop days, so I thought it was real!  Ever since then, I have wanted to travel to Wyoming to see the amazing sights and now I have finally had my chance.  No giant grasshoppers, but the buffalo, wild gazelle, and cowboy country atmosphere did not disappoint.  It is hard to put into words how majestic the buffalo are and when you get up close and personal, even more so.

We stayed at the Terry Bison Ranch and they have the second largest herd of buffalo (Ted Turner has the first) with over 2,000 head.  You can book a train ride out into the expansive prairie where they range, and for some reason we waffled on whether or not we wanted to go.  Luckily, we decided to do it because we had the most amazing experience hand feeding these otherwise wild buffalo.  It is definitely bucket list worthy!

While visiting the Ranch, I fell in love with this 4-month old horse, his name is S’more and his mom is Marshmallow – he was so sweet!

The weather was unseasonably hot, so we found ourselves lazing about until mid-day, when we were finally motivated to get moving.  Of the restaurants we visited, Sanford’s was the most memorable.  The whole place is covered, every square inch, in vintage memorabilia modeled to look like a junk yard after the Sanford and Son tv show.  The place was started by a couple of guys after they graduated high school, and it’s a pretty big place with a large food and drink menu. Joel and I both opted for burgers, which were huge and delicious!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Belle managed to dig a half empty bag of marshmallows out of the trash and ate the whole thing.  We never would have known except after we returned from dinner, we snuggled into bed to watch a movie when barf-o-rama-2016 started!  Of course first up was all over our comforter, then as the night progressed, she managed to hit just about every blanket we own…. uggghhhh!  I froze for the rest of the night and spent the better part of the next day at the laundrymat.  Oh the glamour of travel!!


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