Nashville, TN

Joel was very excited to visit the home of  Andrew Jackson while we were visiting Nashville. It was a very interesting day and I really like the following quote that is attributed to him: “I was born for a storm and the calm does not suit me. ”  Let’s just say, I can relate!

Andrew Jackson served as President about 30 years prior to the Civil War.  Even then, South Carolina was stirring up trouble and there was some talk of succession.  President Jackson was determined to hold the Union together and selected a Vice President from South Carolina. However, the tensions were so high that the Vice President resigned within months.  Jackson was the only President to pay off the national debt and establish a national banking system.   His home is preserved in amazing detail, including original furnishings and decor (the wallpaper is almost 200 years old!!!).

You cannot visit Nashville without making a trip to the Grand Ole Opry and I was super excited to see the musical How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  The performance was great, the actors were spot on and I loved the costumes and set design.  The Grand Ole Opry complex is enormous, encompassing a huge hotel, multiple stages, gardens and even stables for the horse drawn carriages.  They put up a ton of lights, a large nativity scene, ice sculpture and sledding, bonfires for s’mores – it’s a very festive and happening holiday scene.

Nashville is also home to a lot of shopping!  We had fun visiting Antique Archeology, the vintage store owned by Mike and Frank of American Pickers., one of Joel’s favorite shows.  They had great stuff, but way out of our price range.  No worries though because we found lots of great Christmas decor at other shops and the Airstream is beginning to look 👀 a lot like Christmas 🎄.

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