Reality Check -or- All the things that have gone wrong thus far….

Okay, so I am trying to keep a positive note on this blog, as there is already so much negativity in this world. However, just posting nice pics may be giving the wrong impression that we have set off into this new charmed life. Not so! Everyday problems still have a way of catching up, so I thought I would take this opportunity for a little reality check.

We have been traveling just about two and a half weeks so far. In this time, plenty of things have gone wrong, or at least not as planned.  First off, when we left the weather was topping off at around 100 degrees in Orange County. We had a reservation to stay at a park near our home, but decided on a last minute change to see if we could find something cooler at the beach.

We drove about 5 miles down the road to pick up a few groceries. When I opened the trailer door to put them away, I discovered that the closet and refrigerator latches had not held and everything was thrown all over the place – our food, condiments, toiletries, clothing had been thrown everywhere – it was a huge mess!  We had about a one hour clean-up and a trip back to the store to buy stronger latches and tension bars.

After first checking at Dana Point (a no go with no vacancies), we lucked out at San Clemente. We had a bit of a late start, so we were eager to get camp set-up and make some dinner. Joel began by connecting the electric and water hook-ups. Next we were trying to figure out how to open the awning when I saw a flood of water pouring out of the trailer. OMG!! We opened the door to find at least an inch of water and rising! I yelled for Joel to turn the water off as I went inside to see where it was coming from – everywhere! We grabbed every towel we had and started mopping up.

After we got most of the water cleaned up, we headed out for something to eat and see if we could find a decent Internet connection. Unfortunately, we headed the wrong direction on the I-5 and ended up having to drive 22 miles all the way to Oceanside, the first available off ramp. Now it’s 9 pm on a Sunday and we haven’t eaten all day. We found a greasy spoon and proceeded to watch YouTube videos to discover we hooked the water supply to the flush-out connection with all the tanks closed, thus causing them to overfill and back up into the trailer. Our first night we went to bed exhausted and frustrated.

The next day we took all the dirty wet towels and headed to the laundry mat. Again, we got a late start, but had enough time to get a few loads done by closing; except the cleaning crew showed up early and kicked us out, wet towels and all.

Once we got back to our campsite we discovered we had been kicked out of our space, another party had reserved it on-line. We packed up and had to move to a dry camping (no hookups) location. The next morning Joel decided to take a shower in the Airstream bathroom. However, after a few minutes in, water was once again flooding the trailer. He had to make a quick and soapy exit and, once again, every towel we had was soaked during the clean-up.

Next up was Morro Bay.  However, a 4 hour detour to the Airstream dealer to fix the shower put us on the road at 5 pm, just in time for LA’s infamous traffic – which did not disappoint.  After several hours of driving, we pulled off for a bite to eat. That was when we heard the most ear splitting screech coming from the trailer hitch. Apparently, it needs to be greased – all the time – something we figured out after yet another call to AAA (our first being the day we brought the trailer home and couldn’t get it off the hitch). Ugghhh!

After Morro Bay was Alameda County Fairgrounds in the SF Bay Area. I made reservations about 2 months earlier and had paid in full at that time, so we thought we were all set right?  Wrong!  On our third day of a planned ten day stay, we were once again getting kicked out of our spot!  WTF?!?!  This time we were informed that their computer accidentally double booked our space and it had been rented out a year ago for the biggest car show on the west coast. There was nothing (truly nothing) available in a 100 mile radius.

Following much discussion with the manager, he found us a spot in the “long term” area (read this as the “carney” area where the fair workers stay). Ummmm yeah, it was as bad as you are imaging right now. When we weren’t being woken up all night by an ornery donkey kicking his stall at perfectly timed intervals (just long enough for you to fall back asleep), we were overcome by the sewer smell right next to our front door – literally inches away.  You can’t make this stuff up – seriously!  When we were first planning this trip I never calculated staying in carneyville next to an ornery donkey as a possible “what could go wrong” scenario.  Silly me.

8 Comments on “Reality Check -or- All the things that have gone wrong thus far….

  1. This is a perfect example why I tell my costumers to do a shake down cruse before going to far out of range. Remember to use your Coach Net for things gone wrong on your trailer. I have to say, it’s hilarious,what a great book it would be, your journey, who thought it would be perfect? Experiences are the best teachers😎👣👣🐾🐾🐾🐾

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  2. Hmmm…. I’m not so techno savvy. Looks like I’m replying to the prior commenter when I wanted to add a new comment to your post.

    My thoughts: SOMEONE had to take up the mantel of hilarity, what can go wrong next … when the “I Love Lucy” show went off the air. Imma gonna start calling you Lucy & Ricky.


  3. Oh my! What an adventure! All the kinks are hopefully out, and it’s smooth air streaming from here on out! (((Hugs)))


  4. Hi you two so enjoyed reading about your adventures. Bi was laughing out loud as it was like reliving times with Vaughn always something would go wrong . Ha ha but never bothered him just dealt with it moved on bothered me more I hate problems like that
    Both look great and happy so happy for you both being able to have this adventure. Safe travels
    Love you ❤️ Can’t wait to see you in April


    • Thanks Aunt Pam 💗, Uncle Vaughn has been on my mind a lot as we have been spending times in the thick forested woods around Yosemite. We have very limited wifi and no cell signal, do no choice but to commune with nature! Talk to you soon, Sharon


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