Moaning Caverns – Joel Plans an Excursion!

Yes, you read that right!  Joel planned a day trip for us to visit Moaning Caverns.  I really didn’t know what to expect as we headed out, but was excited for Joel to take the lead in planning the day.  After about an hour drive we came to Sonora and were thrilled to find the biggest little town we have visited in the Yosemite area so far. So many great vintage shops, bakeries, restaurants that I thought I had died and went to heaven!

One of the coolest shops was Legends which is an ice cream sundae bar, bookshop and old mine shaft rolled all into one – crazy place!  Above is a gorgeous antique bar where you can saddle up for an ice cream sundae or slice of blackberry pie (yes please!). Below is a book store and remnants of an old mining shaft which was really interesting and unexpected.

We had such fun in Sonora, it was hard to move along to our originally planned destination.  We (okay me) grudgingly headed back on the road another half hour to Moaning Caverns. With my heart back in Sonora, I was not prepared for the amazing incredible adventure that lay ahead.  We were about to descend 165 feet (16.5 stories) straight down into what felt like the center of the earth!

I consider myself pretty adventurous, but my knees were literally knocking as we started down 65 feet of steep wooden steps to the first platform.  Looking down from there, it was seriously crazy to believe that we were now about to descend the remaining 100 feet down an iron spiral staircase that was built from a World War I battleship.  I couldn’t chicken-out in front of Joel, but I also could not look down, not even once.  I held a death grip, seriously thinking this is it, what if there is an earthquake, OMG I am going to die!!!  We finally made it to the bottom and it was spectacular!!!  The rock formations, amazing history of the miners who first discovered the cavern and bravery of the men who made it possible for us to experience this bucket-list worthy place.  Wow, Joel really knocked it out of the park on this one.


2 Comments on “Moaning Caverns – Joel Plans an Excursion!

  1. Great job Joel finding the cute town. Looks like you having great adventures. Safe travels love your blog and love you❤️


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